CISBA has a strong foundation of leadership that have laid important ground work for an association that is very integral in the Cayman Islands and we would like to give credit to the founding member and Past President Mrs. Rhonda Kelly, for identifying the need and having the vision to act and take the initial step to forming the Cayman Islands Small Business Association.

CISBA is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 under the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau was in operation and a small business division was active in the Cayman Islands Government. CISBA is led by small business owners and our passion is to support mentor, coach, educate small business on how to thrive in the Cayman Islands business environment:

Benefits offeing a Member: and is an being a part of an organization that is the:

  • Voice for Small Business

  • Believe in the power of Information Sharing

  • Provides Events and Programs to elevate business skills

  • Workshops both in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac

  • Small Business Expo is in its 5th year allowing small businesses to showcase their products and services at the lowest booth cost on island

  • Allows the Government to provide turn key Services and realize efficiency by partnering with us

  • And finally, key Networking Opportunities to leverage small businesses reach and community

Thanks to a very hardworking Executive Board on our milestone achievements of being granted an NPO approved in July, 2015, for hosting the Small Business expo for five years in a row that was very well attended, being flexible and open to partnerships the Cayman Islands Government and the Chamber of Commerce through a tripartite agreement. And now through tirelessly searching for our very own brick and mortar location, where we will deliver an excellence based small business center. This center of excellence in facilitating free workshops, business consulting and events all geared to small businesses is intended for budding entrepreneurs, exiting small business owners and persons thinking about starting a business. As a small business owner — it starts with a thought-followed by will - lots of curiosity and tenacity to see it through to reality. AND the Cayman Islands Small Business Association is intended to assist Caymanian in every phase of starting, growing and running a business.

Our work will not only grow but strengthen with our new center of excellence. CISBA will continue its essential work with small businesses through workshops and business consulting and mentoring throughout the three Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands Small Business Association will use this location to increase its profile in the community and drive membership levels.

We acknowledge members for their continued support and for standing by the CISBA board while we re-focused and re-energized.

Small businesses are the largest employers in the Cayman Islands — therefore, our voice matters.

We applaud the efforts of the CI Government, specifically the Minister of Commerce Minister at that time and his Ministry for their unwavering support and belief in our vision and efforts. The Ministry of Commerce, CISBA and Chamber of Commerce are participating in a shared agreement to work together to propose a small business strategy for the Cayman Islands. We believe this is an excellent way to be most representative of the small business community by engaging the associations that serve and represent small businesses.

This MOU outlines the role and contributions expected from the business associations and government. The aim of the MOU is to bring together each organizations' technical expertise to collaboratively assess and draft a strategy that addresses business challenges small to medium businesses (SME) face. This SME strategy and action plan will provide a long-term plan to help with a continued success of a stable economy and growth of the small business community through startup companies and increasing the number of entrepreneurial ventures in the Cayman Islands.

Partnering with other business associations and government will bring about the most possibilities for change and support to the small business sector. CISBA's goal is to explore every possible option that may increase the effectiveness and sustainability/success of small businesses in the Cayman Islands. This strategy will provide a road map to success and provide direction on how private and public sector will work together in concert to generate change as we have incredible promise in Cayman.

We would like to change the way Cayman is doing business:

  • Let's create growth and opportunity with our Government's assistance and other entities that we intend to partner with, we believe in stronger cohesive relationships.

  • Let's encourage and foster the innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs.

  • Small businesses create new jobs and sparks prosperity.

  • Small business provides a future for young people when they don't see a future for themselves.

  • Small business is a journey to financial independence.

  • Small business encourages middle class growth.

  • Small business means that employment opportunities.